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This site is still under construction so do not be too demanding.
To make you wait you can listen to samples in preparation ... It's HERE !!!

What de f.... is SEANOISE ???
"The noise of the sea". That thing hovering and repetitive that never tires of listening ... and that knows sometimes reveal all power!

Seanoise is both independent label and a booking cooperative aiming to focus on electronic music and cutting edge talent.
With some old Warp Rephlex for the influences, Seanoise want to send to your ears a panel of music width ELECTRONICA for epicenter , without hesitate to succumb to the influences of the ambient to the most hardcore.
The adventure is built primarily around 3 promising French artists: Svindrön, Azuki and Earease.

Seanoise is also an appointment every 3 months, we offer you a new exit to put you in the day.
Feel free to often come back.
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It's online and physical media. Then in March, come take a look here!


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